Bianca’s Broken Life Transformed

“Ever since I can remember, my life was about being severely abused. Six months after being born, Child Protective Services took me away from my mom. After that, my life was a downhill spiral.

“Over the years, I tried every drug possible. Before long I was 150+ pounds overweight. I started living in my car, and I was drinking to the point of blacking out every day, never knowing what I had done the night before.”

“I started getting arrested frequently, and that’s when I broke down and cried out to God — if He was really there. I asked for Him to help me get clean and stay clean, no matter what it took. It was only then I admitted I needed help… and that’s when I waited for an interview at the Mission’s Bethel House.”

Little by little, Bianca no longer felt like she was a bad person for being a drug addict…

“Slowly, the guilt from my childhood started to subside. The pain lessened. I started to see things for what they really were, not what was ingrained in me as a child. And now a dream has come true: I was offered a job working with animals, and today I am employed as a grooming apprentice and loving what I do.

“My unsure belief in something out there bigger than I has transformed into a strong faith in the God I have come to know and love. Thank you for doing your part to help me know what real life is like – a life God intended for me to live.”