Graduation March 2012 13The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission has served the county and city of Santa Barbara for over 50 years, providing emergency services and long-term recovery for the homeless and addicted. With 80 beds for men and 39 for women, we are the only emergency shelter open 365 nights of the year from Santa Maria to Ventura.  We provide over 140,000 meals and 50,000 safe nights of shelter for individuals with no place else to turn in a typical year.

Because substance abuse has a sizable impact on our community and is often a contributing factor to homelessness, we focus 85% of our resources on recovery efforts employing residential modalities. The Mission’s 12-month residential recovery program aims to bring individuals from decades of addiction, institutionalization, and homelessness back to sobriety, health, and wholeness. Certification through the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs ensures that participants receive the highest standard of treatment in a non-medical facility. The recovery programs are operated in two separate (24 W. Arrellaga and 535 E. Yanonali St.) gender-specific locations for 45 men and 24 women. In 2021, 25 people completed the recovery program, joining over 905 graduates since 1997. Our most significant accomplishment is the long-term change we see in our graduates.  In contrast to national statistics that show only 21% of those who complete addiction recovery programs not returning to dependency within five years, more than 52% of our graduates maintain recovery over this same time period.

The Rescue Mission’s comprehensive programs include family support, addiction education, relapse prevention, transitional housing, career development, and placement. Graduates from the Mission are restored to health and productivity and reenter society as responsible, committed parents and citizens.