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SBRM Program Application

Congratulations on taking this initial step in seeking treatment for your substance abuse. At the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission we understand how difficult the journey can be to get to this point.

By filling out the Recovery Program application you are considering a commitment to engage in our one-year residential treatment facility. Along with the group/individual counseling and 12-step fellowship involvement, your participation in this highly structured program will include activities based on the Christian faith. We understand at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission that our curriculum for substance abuse treatment isn’t for everyone. As you fill out the application and meet with our program representatives, please take into serious consideration your overall willingness to participate in all the facility’s criteria. If you have any questions or feel these requirements don’t fit your specific needs, the SBRM will be happy to answer your questions or find a more appropriate referral.

If you choose to proceed with the application process, we strongly encourage that you be completely honest in both your written and verbal responses to the interviewer. In order to offer the highest quality of care, it is imperative that the SBRM staff gather an accurate and complete account of your history. If a fraudulent statement is discovered after your acceptance into the program, it can result in your immediate termination from the facility. We are here to help you, not judge you.

Only completed applications will be processed

Not to be filled out by anyone other than the individual applying for treatment. Click the below link to download the PDF version of the application, or complete the form electronically below: