“Today, I have hope…”

It started when she was just a little girl. Christina says, My mom has always been a single parent. I’ve seen men come and go throughout our lives, all of them addicts. My mother and her husbands—my ‘uncles’—took drugs and everyone drank . . . “So I stayed up nights to watch over my brothers and sisters . . . and that was when I was first molested. I wasn’t safe. I was scared. And when I told my mom, I felt like she was trying to get rid of me.”

As a seven-year-old, Christina remembers thinking,“If the people who brought me into this world can cause this much heartache and pain, then imagine what the world can do.” Years of addiction led to despair, and even jail. Until one April day, “I decided I needed help. And I came to Bethel House.” she says. “This is the final chapter in my life with addiction. Today, I have hope. “I feel like for once in my life, I’m doing the right thing, doing it for myself!” Christina proclaims.

Christina was the featured Bethel House speaker for her graduating class on March 11 at Calvary Baptist Church. Yesterday she successfully completed 365 days of treatment and relocated out of the area to be near her four children.