Change is Possible

Stephanie struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for decades. Her family dissolved and she ended up in and out of jail. Her life had become so destructive she was ready to go to prison for the long haul. But then, while she was in jail, her daughter sent her a small black and white photo. The details were fuzzy, but the image was unmistakable. Her daughter was pregnant. Stephanie was going to be a grandma! “That’s what made me decide, ‘Okay, I need to do everything that I need to do and be a grandma,’” she says. “So I went back to court and asked them if I could do a program and they allowed me to come here.”

Stephanie had heard about a higher power before, even in other programs that she had tried, but it wasn’t until she was here that it finally made sense. “I remember sitting in devotions and the light bulb coming on. I was like, ‘I get this now.’ I still read my Bible every morning.” Not only does Stephanie spend time in God’s Word every day, she spends time helping others who are working through their addictions, too. We hired her eight years ago, and she now works as the House Manager at Bethel House, where our Women’s Recovery Program is. Her favorite part about her job is seeing other women experience God’s grace for the first time. “I like to see it when they come here and all of a sudden their light bulb goes on,” she says.

Now Stephanie is the grandma she dreamed of being when she first saw that ultrasound picture. Her two grandkids don’t know her as an addict. They know her as “Grandma Stephanie.”