Success Stories

Chris was running out of time.

Chris was running out of time.

At first look, Chris didn’t seem like he was running out of time. He wasn’t on the verge of death like some of our guests are, but it was clear that he was headed that way. He couldn’t go through a day without using drugs or drinking.

“Alcohol or the drugs were ruling my emotions. How I felt every day brought me to a point of desperation,” he says.

He was about to lose custody of his daughter. “I knew that I was going off the edge and if I didn’t do something soon that I was going to lose the ability to see my daughter.” He also realized if he didn’t do something soon, he’d end up homeless. “I love my dad a lot. He lives in his van and he’s been homeless for a really long time. But he’s still a good person. And I just saw myself if I was going to continue on that road, I was going to end up exactly like him.” He was constantly searching but never felt whole. “There was an emptiness inside of me that I needed to work on

2020 has been the year that Chris has his life turned around! He entered our program. He has a growing faith, he’s clean and sober, he shares joint custody, and has a wonderful relationship with his daughter. He’s no longer running out of time.

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