Upcoming Events Archive:

Thanksgiving Feast

Our annual Thanksgiving Feast will deviate from the long-held tradition of including volunteers due to our adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. We regret not being able to have the festive restaurant service for our guests, but we will make it as special as possible with a traditional menu and all the comforts of home.

Christmas Feast and Giveaway

We will be holding our Christmas Feast this year for our homeless guests before the holiday. Thanks to our Women’s Auxiliary, we will have gifts for all of our guests. As part of the Christmas giveaway, each guest receives at least one brand new item – many haven’t received something new in years! But of course, for the event to be a success, we need enough gifts for everyone. Will you help? We especially need:
• Shoes (all types and sizes, especially work boots)
• Socks
• Sweatshirts
• Sweatpants
• Hats
• Warm jackets and coats
• Backpacks
You can either make a financial gift so that the Auxiliary can purchase items or drop off brand new items to the Mission up until December 14. Contact Rebecca Weber at rweber@sbrm.org 805-966-1316 for more information.

60 Minutes at the Mission

We will not be holding our monthly tours in light of the COVID-19 precautions that we are taking to protect our guest, residents, and community.