Give Meals.Change Lives.

Change Starts with Your Meals

A Meal is Just the Beginning

Each $2.21 you give now provides a complete Thanksgiving meal (with turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing — the works) for someone in need right here in Santa Barbara.

But your gift is more than just a plate of food. For many, it can be the catalyst for a new life — especially on a holiday like Thanksgiving.

Unimaginable Transformation

Travis often went hungry as a child. He turned to addiction to mask his pain and ended up as a homeless drug addict who was a regular in jail. The last time he was released he hit rock bottom.

“I was homeless and had nowhere to go,” Travis remembers.

He walked the streets and thought about climbing onto the train tracks and waiting for a train to end his misery. Instead, he prayed, then kept walking. He ended up at the door to the Rescue Mission.

Here, Travis was given nourishing meals, a safe, warm bed where he joined our 12-Month Residential Recovery Program.

Five and a half years later, Travis is still sober and is a compassionate husband and father, a successful barber and a productive member of our community.

“Today my life is incredibly blessed,” he says. “A beautiful thing is our child will never have to see me drunk or loaded.”

Transformation like that doesn’t happen overnight, but it can begin with just one meal – the one you provide today.

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About the Mission

Santa Barbara Rescue Mission is the only place between Ventura and Santa Maria that is open 365 nights a year.

For many people, we are their last stop. Their last chance. Their last hope.

We run entirely on the funds we receive from foundations, corporations and generous people like you.

140,000 Meals Served Annually
34 Graduates with Transformed Lives in 2019
45,000 Nights of Shelter Provided Annually

Rolf Geyling | President

You know it. I know it. There’s just no way around it.

Because of the pandemic, this Thanksgiving is going to be really different. Even our meals will be different. We’re serving them all in to-go boxes. But that doesn’t make them any less important.

In fact, for many people, this Thanksgiving may be the most important one ever. It could be the Thanksgiving their life changes.

Let’s work together to make it happen!

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Only One Rescue Mission

“I strongly support all the programs at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission because they result in giving hope to those struggling to find hope, and in doing so prevent crime and support public safety. Although there is a tremendous need for residential treatment programs in Santa Barbara County there is only one Rescue Mission.”

- Joyce Dudley, Santa Barbara District Attorney

No One Should Go Hungry on Thanksgiving!

Each $2.21 you give will provide one meal for someone in desperate need!

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