Tish Gives Back

Tish (4)

Tish made it to the Mission after lying alone and abandoned behind a building for five days, certain she would die there …

 Imagine those days and nights in the open filled with pain and fear! With emotion flooding her voice, Tish says, “After years of abuse, and no place left to go, I lay there detoxing all by myself … and there was a moment there I fully expected to be my last.  “But somehow I survived. And I knew that if God didn’t take me then, there was a reason for me to be alive. Two women I met told me about Bethel House at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission.”

Today, Tish has turned her life around! She’s clean, sober, safe from the streets. And she’s even returning to the Mission today, not as a guest, but to give back—“I’m helping others,” she smiles, “And it’s helping me stay grounded too. To serve here keeps your compassion fresh.”