“I was on the streets I had nowhere to go…”

Katie E.
“This place and the Lord saved my life,” Katie said. Then, with tears of pain and shame in her eyes, she shared. “I was on the streets I had nowhere to go. I was living wherever I could, staying on couches, in laundromats . . . it was horrible.”

She remembers the moment she hit bottom—and looked up for help. “I got into some trouble with the law, and I had turned myself into Santa Barbara County jail.” “Then a friend said, ‘Here, Katie, you need to fill out this application to Bethel House, right now.’ I thought, ‘No, they are not going to accept me—look at me!’ But God had other plans . . .”

God brought her here. And I’m proud to say Katie has now graduated from our recovery program with a totally transformed life! “I just think this is an amazing place,” she smiles. “It’s where I found my life—it was given back to me. I now go to Santa Barbara City College. I have a job. I’m employee of the month and I’ve only been there two months. I just feel like I’ve been brought out of the darkness and into the light!”