This is Transformation

You would never guess that Bryce was a heavy drug user. In high school, he began going to parties with his friends, where he would end up drinking and smoking marijuana. “Then one thing led to another and I was introduced to painkillers,” Bryce says. From there Bryce tried cocaine, acid—pretty much every drug out there. But then, as time went on, the drugs stopped affecting him as they once did. “I started taking so many painkillers, ten plus pills at a time wasn’t doing the trick for me.” So he moved on to heroin. “I just kept digging the hole deeper and deeper,” he says.

Bryce remembers one Christmas where his family pretended they didn’t know about his problem. He sat in his bedroom, waiting for the drugs to kick in before joining in with everyone else. “I was high on Christmas. Opening gifts with family, eating Christmas dinner, thinking only of myself, and when I would get my next high.” But of course, Bryce didn’t realize that he was acting selfish until later. Not until he came to the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission.

“I saw my roommate reading his Bible, so I started reading mine,” Bryce says. As he read and looked around the Mission, Bryce discovered that the only thing that would truly heal him was Jesus, so he gave his life to Jesus. “I felt His Spirit fall upon me and just say, ‘I have you, you’re mine. Just give it up and come follow me with everything you have. I will protect you and have my hand upon you,’” remembers Bryce. “I felt His peace that surpasses all understanding. And I’ve been following the Lord ever since.”

Bryce graduated from our recovery program in 2016. He met his wife at church, and they welcomed a baby girl earlier this year. He has a steady job and spends his free time volunteering at church or coming back to the Mission to encourage the men in the program now. “My life today following Jesus in all my ways and giving him everything is much, much better than the life I used to live full of drugs, partying, and alcohol . . . there’s nothing like it.” One day Bryce hopes to become a pastor, but until then, he’s happy to let God use him in as many ways