Susan Follows in Her Sister’s Footsteps

600_4075-2Tragically, Susan suffered terrible abuse as a child right here in Santa Barbara, which finally drove her into desperate addiction as a way to cope . . . at age 13.

But, of course, there was no hope or help for her in alcohol or drugs. And after years of trying to escape her past in any way possible, she remembers just what it felt like to hit bottom—“Inside, my spirit was dying,” she says. That was when Susan’s younger sister—who had fought her own battle with addiction—told her about a place she could finally find redemption . . . and real hope.

Susan’s brutal past and horrendous addiction chewed her up and spit her out on the streets—“I didn’t have a place to live, was in and out of shelters, and was so tired,” she recalls. “I’d burnt all my bridges . . . I was just broken.” Blinking back tears at the memory, Susan says, “But I knew from my sister about the program here in Santa Barbara. She went through the treatment program at Bethel House, and she finished it!”

That was enough to inspire Susan to follow. “I just surrendered, came in a few days later, and have been here ever since,” she says gratefully. “And this program is changing my life!” She explains, “I’ve tried doing 12-step programs before, but this time it’s with Christ and Bible study. And that real core value is what’s going to make it happen for me here.”