Rejected and lonely all her life, Dulce couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to help her…

Dulce & Son 2On the plane from Mexico to America, 14-year-old Dulce was excited and nervous. She was moving to the US to have a better education, get a better job, and have a real career. But America didn’t turn out to be the bright land of opportunities her parents expected. Dulce was teased and rejected, and spent her days lonely and confused.

Dulce hid her loneliness because she didn’t want to let her parents down? but to find acceptance, she started going out drinking and taking drugs. Sadly, these “friends” were the only ones who made her feel at home, while the consequences of her addiction drew her further and further from her parents. Then Dulce was arrested for selling drugs. She sat in jail for four months, with far too much time to think and worry. She had a two-year-old son now, and realized at last that the life she was leading had no future for her or for him. She entered Bethel House in 2007 and successfully completed our 12-month Residential Recovery Program.

Thinking of her son helps Dulce to stay on track every day. She knows she’s doing what’s best for both of them, and is finally the mommy he really needs. Dulce lives in our community and is gainfully employed in the telecommunications industry as a customer care representative.