“My wife left me, I lost my job, my car. I was destitute.”

KevinIn beautiful, sunny Southern California, Kevin thought he had it all, even playing high school football with John Elway. “I was like the life of the party,” he remembers. “The class clown type of guy. It was fun . . . until it got painfully worse. They say it is a progressive disease,”says Kevin about his alcohol and substance abuse, which began during those high school years. “And it finally caught up with me. I lost everything. I didn’t know where to go . . .”

“My wife left me, I lost my job, my car. I was destitute. It was horrible, the homeless scene out there: there’s drinking, people fighting, asking for cigarettes. Luckily my grown daughter knew about the Mission,” he says, and smiles for the first time in a long time. “I wanted to get into the Mission so bad,”Kevin recalls.“I came through the homeless line for days, then I got into volunteering,”he remembers—and it was just the lifeline he needed.

Perhaps most importantly, Kevin says, “I lost touch with God, but now since I’ve been here in a Christian-based program I’m finally getting that connection back.” Kevin’s on his way to a healthy, productive life because he found strength and hope in Christ at Santa Barbara Rescue Mission.