Megan was afraid she’d die on our streets.

She descended into addiction while her mom prayed she wouldn’t die. If Megan hadn’t come here, she could have died. “It wasn’t IF I would die,” she says, tears springing into her eyes. “It was WHEN.”

Then Megan was arrested and she realized she finally had to make a decision—“I knew the rest of my life was going to be addiction and jail . . . or I could decide to do something to change that. So I made the choice to try the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. There are so many people here who genuinely love you,” she says. “People who genuinely care.”

“My life was on the line,” she admits. “I was ready to die . . . and almost didn’t care what came next,” she sighs. “There was no hope.” But when God guided Megan into our proven 12-month recovery program, she discovered the Christ-centered love necessary to break the cycle of addiction and turn her life around. “A lot of times I felt like I didn’t deserve it,” she admits, “and I’m still not sure why, but God gave me this chance!”