Mariah Finds a Future at Bethel House

600_9756Mariah’s parents divorced when she was very young. Her mother moved out and her father became a single parent of five. She remembers her childhood as being chaotic and she felt she was lost in the shuffle. Mariah wasn’t comfortable in social settings; yet, she could get straight As in school. Unfortunately, her desire to fit in was so strong that she would do anything to fulfill that need.

Mariah began to attend parties after she graduated from high school. She fell in love and became consumed with her new relationship. She now had a boyfriend and a new group of friends. “If I drink and use, I will fit in and finally be accepted,” Mariah concluded. Her new lifestyle led to homelessness and the county jail. She was ordered to a one-year program and applied to Bethel House.

Mariah entered the program last May. “My heart was still with someone in jail, so I wasn’t working an honest program,” she remembers. She was exited from the program but reapplied after 30 days. This was her turning point and she fully committed herself to recovery. Mariah has completed the program, and we immediately hired her to be our program clerk and provide night security at Bethel House.