“I’m coming out of the ashes into something new!”

Sarah was alone, defenseless, lonely and afraid; certain she’d die out there. Dying on the streets was a future she’d never imagined for herself. Growing up across the breakfast table from a bipolar, alcoholic dad, eventually Sarah and her mother left. After the divorce, Sarah fell in with the wrong crowd. She immediately found comfort in heroin and was addicted by 16.

Sarah’s addiction cost her everything and she ended up overdosing on the street. She reached out to her new stepfather and he asked her: “Are you going to die this way with nothing but the clothes on your back . . . or are you going to ask God for help?” Ordinary rehab programs had failed Sarah before. Feeling lost and ashamed, she had crumbled and relapsed . . . and ended up back on the street.

Her stepfather was right: Sarah needed to include God in her recovery. After being accepted into our 12-month Christ-centered residential recovery program, Sarah is well on her way to a new and better life. With tears of gratitude running down her cheeks, she says, “For the first time in my life, I have more good days than bad days. That’s never happened before . . .

“I feel like I have so much more value now. My confidence is built up by the people around me here every single day, when I’ve been told I’m worthless my whole life. “Now I have dreams. I know what I want to try to be and that I can get up and go to work and go to meetings when I have problems. I can pray, have people to call, and I have friends. I haven’t had friends since 6th grade! “I’m coming out of the ashes into something new!