I don’t think he ever really had a chance for a normal life…

I don’t think he ever really had a chance for a normal life— someplace safe, with someone to love or care for him. You might not either if your mom became an addict after years of child abuse. She had his older sister when she was just 13, and Steven when she was 15. Steven recalls, “CPS came out and took us away. Split us up. It was hard.” Then, after bouncing around in foster care, he was finally rescued by his grandparents—only to have the bottom drop out of his life once again.

“My grandpa was my best friend. He was like my dad. Then he died of cancer. Two weeks later I got a call from the sheriff, saying my mom was found dead in a homeless shelter. I started drinking heavily, and went off the deep end—right over the edge.” After years of homelessness and time in jail, with no one else to come to his aid, Steven turned first to our emergency shelter, and later entered our 12-month Christian recovery program.

Steven says, “I don’t know what I’d do without this place. I’m blessed to be here. And I’m taking every opportunity to do everything I can here. I love this place!” he smiles. “I plan on staying on the straight and narrow and getting to where I should be,” he says. “Taking care of myself, making a living—and giving back in any way I can!”