“I did a lot of things to become anyone other than me…”

I felt like I never fit in, so I did a lot of things to become anyone other than me.” Which is how he wandered into a world of alcohol and drug use . . . at just 12 years old. And eventually into the hands of a child predator.

That was the turning point, changing the young boy I was before. And I buried the memories of it somewhere inside me—for 32 years.” Blair vividly recalls, “I was an empty shell of a human being, even spending time in prison, seeing murder, stabbings, riots, and more violence. After I was released, I overdosed on heroin, and they told me I died on the kitchen floor. I remember waking up in a hospital angry I was still alive.” Until God led him into the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission’s life-transforming, year-long residential drug and alcohol treatment program.

God has helped Blair put himself and his life back together here at the Mission. And I’m proud to tell you he’s now a graduate of our recovery program! Blair smiles, “This year has blessed me with faith and knowledge that life can be beautiful and full of happiness. I can finally hold my head up high and be proud of who I am. I have discovered joy in a world I used to see as only filled with pain. I want to live today—and I owe my life to the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission program!”