Elisa mends her relationships

“For years, my mom tried to get help for me. But because I kept going back to the old ways, she finally gave up on me. Before long, I found myself in jail. I knew I was in big trouble, but I wanted to change. The Sheriff ’s Treatment Program in Santa Barbara recommended Bethel House here at the Mission. I’d heard good things about the program, and I had a feeling it’s what I needed more than anything else.

“This is an amazing program. It is so special. I have now mended relationships with my family. I trust in God. I am motivated to change. I’m learning so much about myself, all because people here believe in me. I am encouraged to grow. The other women here at the program are also an inspiration to me. We build each other up. This is a healing place. Thank you for supporting the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission… for reaching out to me… and for helping me to believe in myself.”