Dillon’s Deliverance


Dillon played baseball in high school and was always the apple of his mother’s eye . . . until he disappeared into addiction for seven, long, terrible years. “By the age of 18 I was full-blown addicted to severe pain medication,” he remembers, “And that’s when the vicious cycle of opium addiction really took over my life. I started feeling the withdrawals when I didn’t have it, one thing led to another . . . and then I found heroin.”

After that nothing mattered to Dillon but the drug. Until he hit rock bottom. “I was extremely underweight, I was broken, and I had nothing, nothing at all,” he says, “except a tiny seed of hope.” That’s when Dillon went down on his knees—and prayed. “I was lost, and cried out for help,” he says, with tears in his eyes at the memory. “Then a week later, my mom found me on the streets.” She brought him here—to the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. “That’s all it took,” he says in relief.

Coming to the Mission allowed me to find out who Jesus is and allowed me to have a relationship with God. I don’t think I would have found that if I hadn’t come here. That’s the basis of my sobriety,Dillon says gratefully.  He is completing the final days of his year-long program, attending Santa Barbara City College, and passing all of his classes.