Cambi’s Success Story

I grew up in Santa Barbara County and started using marijuana as a teenager. My parents were going through a divorce and I began to distance myself from life at home. At 17 I began using methamphetamines, all the while trying to keep my lifestyle a secret from my mother. After years of sneaking around, I was caught by the police and sent to jail. At that point, my mom was through with me. I was at a point where I needed to get clean. I was exhausted. Everything else I’d done didn’t work—it was time to change. I went through the Rescue Mission’s Bethel House program and graduated in 2006. Not only did I overcome methamphetamines, but the staff even helped me to stop smoking! Bethel House saved my life. The staff cared about my life when I didn’t care at all.

Kim, Cambi’s mother, shares her experience “I remember going to Family Day with Cambi one Saturday towards the middle of her treatment. We came to one of the more emotional points in the session and Cambi knelt down in front of me. She held my hand and looked into my eyes as she shared her heart. She was being honest and open for the first time in a long time. It was a touching moment—kind of a rebirth for us. I don’t think people know where to send the people that they love. Today, it’s like a whole new world—now I know there is help out there. Without the Rescue Mission I don’t think that Cambi would have gotten sober.”

Cambi adds, “I look back and I think ‘Wow—I’m so different.’ When I was in my addiction, I couldn’t spend more than 10 minutes with my mom; now, I hunger for her time. To me, that’s a big change. She’s amazing. Today I care about my life and I care about the young lady that I see in the mirror. I am no longer a victim of my past. I work full-time, I am responsible, and when I give my word I follow through on it. Best of all, I have a great relationship with my mother.”