Ashley Rises from the Ashes


Ashley was born in Los Alamitos, California, in 1992.  Both of her parents struggled with addiction, and she followed in their footsteps.  She began using drugs in the sixth grade.  This eliminated the pain from the loss of her father, the lack of acceptance from her mother, and the sexual abuse suffered at the hand of her grandfather.  Ultimately, her drug of choice became methamphetamines.  “They ruined who I was and created a monster who thought she was invincible,” she remembers.

Ashley spent most of her adult life in the county jail and was facing an eight year prison sentence.  The court granted her the opportunity to come to Bethel House as an alternative to sentencing.  She was able to work through the anger and hatred that consumed her.  Now she no longer sees herself as a victim and will not allow herself to be victimized.  “I used to hate my grandfather; now I pray for him.  God has forgiven me so I can forgive him,” she stated.  Ashley shared her powerful testimony at her graduation this month and is determined to maintain her recovery.