Krista’s Calling


Krista started drinking when she was 12 and was able to keep it “under control” throughout her school years by drinking on the weekends.  At the end of her senior year, Krista was introduced to cocaine and speed, but these did not have the grip on her that alcohol did.  After graduation, she was unable to maintain her college education and went on a seven year drinking binge.

In June of 2005, Krista was hospitalized with pancreatitis and alcoholic hepatitis.  Unfortunately, this did not stop her and she plunged deeper into her addiction by adding meth to her drug use.  She was homeless and made several failed attempts at recovery.  When she came to Bethel House last year, she realized that she didn’t have a solid foundation.  “I didn’t have faith that God had me in His hands.  It wasn’t the first step that I had been struggling with, but it was step three which is making a decision to turn my life over to the care of God,” she said.  “It took some suffering and willingness to get honest with myself, take down my walls, and accept Jesus Christ as my savior.”

Krista is currently attending Santa Barbara City College and pursuing a lifelong dream of a career in wildlife conservation and management.