Turkey Drive Update

Left to Right: Jim Spencer of Jordanos, Rolf Geyling, and our helpful residents.

Each year we set an ambitious goal for our Holiday Turkey Drive—this year we’re hoping for 900 to meet the increased number of people approaching us in need.  We thought we might have stretched a bit too far as we only had 165 by the end of last week.  Then Monday came and the day was interrupted by a steady stream of surprises—many times it was one turkey at a time, but other times it was 10, 38 or 42 at a time.  We saw over 100 turkeys come in and we’re praying that this would continue.  Each turkey means good nutrition and a warm welcome for men, women and children in need of hope.  Please continue to remember them as you go about your holiday preparation and know that just because Thanksgiving may be past, we’ll still gladly take turkeys!  Many of our friends watch for discounts after Thanksgiving in order to bless those who struggle.  Thanks to all who have and continue to participate in this effort.  Let’s keep those turkeys coming!

Rolf Geyling