Tribute to Patsy Shealy

Anyone who makes even a brief visit to SBRM comes away impressed by the team of people who are dedicated to serving the homeless and addicted.  We are proud of the way our residential model and clinical approach have such incredible results, but tools like this are only effective if they are in the hands of skilled and compassionate individuals.  Among the best of these has been Dr. Patsy Shealy, who we bade farewell to this week after six years of directing our Bethel House and Clinical Supervision.

Patsy oversaw the establishment of the Bethel House in its new location on Arrellaga Street and this ministry will always bear her unique imprint.  She combined expertise as a psychologist with a compassionate heart and an engaging sense of humor that impacted scores of residents, staff, interns and volunteers.  Her investment in our staff raised the bar clinically across all of our programs and several staff have her to thank for the certifications they were able to earn under her tutelage.  I am so grateful for the many lives we were able to see God transform through Patsy’s efforts and expect to marvel all the more in eternity at those who were indirectly impacted by her and the team she led.

While we grieve her departure, both personally and professionally, we recognize God’s leading in this process and honor Patsy’s decision and the family concerns that are calling her out of the area.  She will always be a part of our family and our love and gratitude go with her.

Rolf Geyling

Photo by Christie Gabbert