The Note on the Envelope

This time of year is marked by acts of care and concern as our community reaches out to those who struggle.  The office sees a regular stream of people stopping by with food, clothing and Christmas gifts.  Each day’s mail delivery brings encouragement as we see so many generous people blessing the homeless and addicted through gifts large and small.   One gift caught our attention recently as it came with a simple note from “Heather” written on the envelope flap—so small that we almost missed it.  It read:

“25 years ago I arrived in SB homeless.  I remember having Thanksgiving with you at the Mission.  Thank you for the good work you do.”

Our hearts are filled with gratitude: over a place that’s been reaching out to those who struggle for almost 50 years; over a neighbor who remembers receiving timely help and now wants to give back; over a community that continues to give.  With more people than ever approaching us for assistance, our prayer, as we extend grace to them, is that they too will move out of need and on to fulfillment and self-sufficiency.  May there be lots of “Heathers” in our midst and may God lead them to places where seasons when they needed assistance are but a distant memory.

Rolf Geyling