New Mattresses!

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a facility that provides over 61,000 nights of shelter each year.  That’s what made for such an exciting week as we were able to replace all of the mattresses in our Yanonali facility—a larger undertaking than one might think.  But thanks to the enthusiastic help of our Men’s Program residents, there were plenty of hands available to unload 140 new hygienic, innerspring mattresses out of the 53ft truck, carry them up the stairs into the dorms, do some necessary cleaning and upgrading of bunks, and get 140 old mattresses into a dumpster.

As far as anyone around here can remember there hasn’t been another time where we endeavored to do this, which is why we are so grateful for those who are so generously committed to the men and women we serve.  First and foremost, we thank the Williams-Corbett Foundation for underwriting the cost of this extensive project.  Thanks to Mission Linen Supply, we were able to put new sheets on our new mattresses.  Hydrex Pest Control helped us with a thorough treatment of our dormitory while we had everything cleared out.  As some of our bunk beds needed to be replaced, our friends at the Los Angeles Mission provided us with some replacements they had in storage.

We truly wish that no one would need to make use of the emergency services we provide.  But given that they do, it’s our prayer that they’ll be able to rest comfortably and cleanly thanks to the generous concern of partners like these.  Many thanks!

Rolf Geyling

P.S.  If you’d like to join in on the fun, we’d love to put new, clean pillows on each of our 140 beds.  We’d be happy to receive them at 535 E Yanonali during regular business ours.  God bless you!