Celebrating Partnership

The end of this week comes with much joy and gratitude, and not just because of the beautiful weather!  This week the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission held its 2nd Annual Celebrating Partnership Luncheon.  During this event we thanked some of the key partners of the Rescue Mission’s work and celebrated what God is doing in our community.  How great it was to take a step back and appreciate what we are so blessed to be a part of!

Beyond an expression of gratitude, the event is also an opportunity to update our partners about the work they are supporting.  Rolf shared in his speech, “I view this event as a type of shareholders meeting, so we believe it’s important for us to show how we’ve stewarded your resources.”  He went on to share that last year we assisted over 1,750 individuals in deep need through our homeless guest services, outpatient and residential treatment programs.  Furthermore, of the 175 men and women who received residential treatment in our one year program, 37 graduated the program last year and another 11 have completed the program this year.  Each of these people who have come to us for help have received tangible assistance to address their unique needs, but even more importantly they have experienced the grace of God through His Church.  They came here under difficult circumstances and were loved in the midst of those circumstances.

All of this is only possible because people like you have been intent in caring for the men and women who come to us for help.  We thank you and celebrate your partnership with us!

Joe Foster
Director of Operations